Welcome to Langton Lane Swimming Club, Canterbury Kent

Our aim is to create a fun, inspiring and safe swimming environment. Water awareness and learning to swim are important life skills that we want to encourage.

We specialize in learn to swim for all ages and abilities, swimming development and training sessions and Rookies Life Saving courses. Our team of qualified ASA instructors are, enthusiastic and inspiring people who believe that learning to swim creates life enhancing opportunities.

New Adult group lessons for intermediate and beginners, or if you just want to improve your fitness. Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm.

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Langton Lane News

Membership: Adult Lane Swimming
Monday 7-8am & 4-5pm Tue 6.30-7 Wednesday 7-8am Friday 7-8am Saturday 7:30-8:30am
Term 5 2014
Group lessons £40. Shared Private £60 each child. Private Lesson £80.
Membership: Adult Lane Swimming
£60 for 3 Months £25 for 1 Month £30 for 10 swim's Contact us to register.
Dates for Term 5 2014
Tue 22nd April - Saturday 24th May 2014 Please ensure all payments are prepaid.