Terms and Conditions


  1. No food or drink is to be consumed in the pool area or changing rooms.
  2. Langton Lane Swimming Club does not accept any responsibility for any spectators whilst on site.
  3. Parents are requested to maintain control of any children that are not swimming, removing noisy or disruptive children from the poolside.
  4. Parents must remain on the school site for the duration of the swimming lesson.
  5. Parents must go in their gender changing room when accompanying children under 8. Children over 8 must be in their own changing room.
  6. Children are the responsibility of their parents whilst in the changing room.
  7. For health and safety reasons, please note that if your child has any of the following conditions they cannot swim:
    1. Coughs and colds
    2. Ear infections
    3. Stomach upset
    4. An infectious disease i.e. chickenpox, conjunctivitis, impetigo.
  8. No diving, unless under the supervision of an instructor.
  9. Swimming shorts must be above the knees.
  10. Swimming caps must be worn.
  11. Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.
  12. No cameras are allowed in the pool area.
  13. Refunds will only be issued in the event of cancellation by Langton Lane Swimming Club, unless a note from a Doctor is provided.

Payments, Terms of Booking & Procedures

  1. When parents join us, their child is allocated a lesson time and class. If you wish to change the time or day of your child’s lesson, do not hesitate to contact us.  We cannot always accommodate parents but we do our best!
  2. Langton Lane Swimming Club lessons are run in conjunction with Kent County Council term dates (normally 6 or 7 weeks per term), and are paid for in advance.  Parents who join us mid-term will pay for the remaining lessons in that term.
  3. Enrolment is normally the penultimate week of the block, and invoices will be sent on the following week via email.  Payments must be made by the due date or your space may be re–allocated and you will be charged a late payment fee of £10 after the second week of term if payment has not been made.
  4. Parents who use voucher payments need to ensure that the voucher payment is paid in by the first week of term, and followed with a confirmation email to us. We cannot hold spaces for those waiting for voucher payments to be fulfilled and you will still be charged a late fee if payment has not been made. We take the following childcare vouchers:
    1. Computershare – account number 0019642783.
    2. Edenred – account number P21161411 
    3. Sodexo – account number 887866. 
  5. Cancellations- If you decide not to start your swimming course for any reason, you must give 5 days’ notice before the start of the course and we’ll refund your course fee in full. If you decide to discontinue your lessons once the term has started, but before the halfway point, we will refund any lessons you will not be attending. If you decide to discontinue after the halfway point no refunds will be issued.
  6. We cannot transfer lessons to different days due to lessons missed for any reason.
  7. Contacting us while swimming lessons are running, please call on 07764894626
  8. You are required to book and pay for the whole course in advance and the same cancellation and missed lesson policy applies to private and shared private lessons. If you are more than 15mins late for your lesson, please be aware that your lesson may be cancelled.
  9. Reports are done 3 times over the school year: end of terms 2, 4 and 6.


  1. Cars parked on the school site are at the owner’s risk.
  2. Before 4pm the upper playground is used for parking due to school buses on site.
  3. The whole of the Simon Langton school site, indoors and out, is a no smoking area.

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